Nothing really says tropical relaxation like sitting beneath palm trees reading a book, the unfortunate reality however is that not everyone lives near a tropical beach and for those that don't constant holidays to the tropics may not be all that economically viable. The alternative to go to the beach is bringing the beach to you and this is where the idea of making fake palm trees comes in. Buying a fake palm tree can be very expensive costing in the thousands of dollars for an 8 foot replica so it seems like building your own is really the only way to go.

When going through the tree building technique I will assume that you have access to no organic materials however it you do feel free to add them as it can give the palm a nice touch. To start with you are going to need a 6 inch diameter plastic pipe, some fencing wire, a planter, some rocks and some green construction paper.

· Start by drilling some holes in the top foot of the plastic tube, you want to drill two holes about an inch apart and then another two holes on the opposite side also about an inch apart I found that this blogger described this incredibly on this Geoffrey Kardas webpage.

· Cut your fencing wire into strips that are about 10 feet long then feed the wire through one hole in the pipe out the other side then bend it back on itself and feed it through again. What you should end up with is a double strand of wire on either side of the plastic tube that will be able to support the weight of your green construction paper.

· Now that you have the spines of you palm leaves you want to cut the green construction paper into the shape of a leaf and attach it to the wire spine using hot glue. Once this is done you should have a bunch of leaves sticking out at right angles from the plastic tube, bend the wire downward to give the leaves a more natural shape.

· Now that you have the top of the tree done you want it to stand up so place the bottom of the trunk into a planter and fill the planter with a mixture of rocks pebbles and sand so that it's heavy enough that it won't tip but also compact enough that it won't wobble.

· The final touches are what really make the tree so adding rope to the trunk or fabric and spray paint can really make a difference, as they say; the devil is in the detail.